Porto Cervo – 30 July 2012 – 26 August 2012 – RESTELLIARTCO.

First event of a ambitious international exhibition project that wants to meet different spaces and places outside its own roman gallery, “Andy Warhol: ritratti e curiosità del Mito, from 1964 to 1983”, is set up in the elegant spaces of MADAI, on the prestigious Promenade du Port of Porto Cervo.

It were over two thousand five hundred people – including visitors, groups, enthusiasts and the curious – who in July and August crowded the small but precious exhibition in Costa Smeralda. Immortal Icons such as the enigmatic, red “Liz” Taylor from 1964 or a diaphanous and silvery “Marylin” Monroe from 1967, succeeded each other in a path of original curiosity, rare and lesser knowing pieces , but always of a intelligent beauty ,created from an undisputed genius of Andy Warhol: the “2 Dollars”, a cover of double LP of the Rolling Stones, a very rare “Fish” printed in a single copy. But also the “parisian” Mao Tse Tung, like the materic “Elettric chair”.

At the end of itinerary, two extraordinary tributes to the temple of taste which is MADAI restaurant: a “choco paint” by the brazilian artist Vik Muniz and a poetic “Natura Morta” from 1947, by the great american photographer Irving Penn.