Golden Age, 2020

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Sculpture/Skull painted in mixed media – recycled materials




22,0 x 16,0 x 22,0


“Golden Age” is a unique artwork. Realized for the project “Working Heads” exclusively for Restelliartco Gallery – Rome Art Week 2020. The skull presented by Fabio Ferrone Viola is in the color of the most precious and stainless metal, “gold”. In its artistic declination contains an explicit reference to the cyclical nature of the myth and to the eternal return. In this circular definition of time, what was in the past will necessarily repeat itself again: a new “Golden Age” will succeed the times without beauty and spirituality that we are experiencing.
The artwork leads the viewer to reflect on the inconsistency of vanitas, on the extreme fragility and the transitory nature of human life: it imposing a reflection on man and his destiny. The surface of the skull is entirely covered with small buttons, which are a reference to a theme dear to the Artist: using scraps of different people who have exploited that object, means bringing them together ideally. He explains: “This concept is even more necessary after the forced isolation to which we have been condemned in this period. Furthermore, the recycled elements represented an ecological problem linked to their disposal in the environment”.

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