Justice – Tribute to George Floyd, 2020


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Sculpture with Skull – mixed technique cretto on terracotta




30,0 x 30,0 x 30,0


“Justice – Tribute to George Floyd” is a unique work. Realized for the project “Working Heads” exclusively for Restelliartco.
The artwork represents the path of man referring to the Darwinian evolutionistic theory and its negation, the last man is on his knees to represent the decadence and involution of the Species. This is an artwork that condenses suggestions necessary to bring Man back to a social and cultural rebirth, indicating ways to go and horizons to explore with obstinacy.
According to the artist, the world to which we all look today, is segregated within the Wall, the materialization of safe space made up of compromises and mediocrity, of vices and intellectualistic enclosures that induce man even to hate his own planet who welcomes us generously. The artist perforates that Wall to introduce the Earth which does not, however, renounce its perpetual motion. It is the Skull that dominate, an allegory of death but also of life. And a crown of thorns, a symbol of martyrdom and the ultimate sacrifice of a man as in the case of George Floyd.

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