Love Chosen, 1995

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Skein Died, hand carved and hand tufted archival New Zeland Woll on stretched canvas with natural latex backing




240,0 x 240,0


Hand-signed by artist, sticker label, embossed sign lower right.
Robert Indiana’s artwork is abstract, formally sophisticated, a word-poetry.
The bright clash of the colors infuses the word an extraordinary visual intensity. With the sliglhtest change in light the positive becomes negative and vice versa, with suggestive vision.
The word is organized into a square; the letters touching each other as a suggestion of physical intimacy.
Since its first performance the Indiana LOVE, both as a word and as an image, captures the popular imagination so much that it become one of the most recognizable works in art world.
This work is from paintings, sculptures and prints dedicated to the subject of love that Indiana created in the midle 1960s.
“With proper care, this work of art will bring LOVE to your environment for many generetions”.

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