Pulp Fiction, 2004

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Screenprint on paper




50,0 x 70,0


Pulp Fiction is a screenprint with a printed signature, Pictures on Walls embossed seal, numbered in pencil, lower right, from an edition of 600 pieces.
Certificate of Authencity by Pest Control Office, 2008.
The image refers to the mural created by the artist in London, 2002 , inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s film “Pulp Fiction”. Banksy’s work shows a famous scene from the iconic Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction, where the two protagonists, with Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta are holding bright bananas instead of guns. This work first appeared as a stencil composition in the streets of London, near Old Street tube station. It had been visible until 2007, when the Transport for London painted over the original street art piece, citing that it contributed to an image of the neighborhood as violent and decaying. When a local artist sprayed-painted the words « Come Back » addressed to Banksy, he re-painted his original street piece at the exact same place but this time the characters were holding pistols and were wearing banana costumes. Young graffiti artist Ozone wrote over Banksy’s new piece the words « If it’s better next time I’ll leave it ». Sadly the 19-year-old artist passed away a few days afterwards hit by an underground train. Banksy made a tribute artwork over his second Pulp Fiction mural, depicting an angel wearing a bulletproof vest.

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