Rebirth, 2021


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Sculpture/plaster skull painted in acrylic, oil, bronze pigment. Butterfly made in metal. .




22,0 x 16,0 x 22,0


“Rebirth” is a unique artwork. The artwork invites us to stop and reflect and at the same time speaks of rebirth and hope. It is painted with acrylic, has a metal butterfly on its mouth. It is inspired by Roman and oriental frescoes, thanks to the use of a technique that has a strong link with archeology and the cult of the past. The pigments, acrylic and oil create corrosion effects on the artwork that recall a past time, like a wreck in a state of oxidation caught at the bottom of the sea. “Rebirth” is the result of an elaboration and development of my idea born during the lockdown. She explains – in that period I made a mask painted by myself entitled: “the silence of the innocents”. The mask has a moth design in the center and is inspired by the famous poster of the award-winning film “The silence of the Lambs”.

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