The Way, 2019

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Photography – Lambda print




100,0 x 200,0


“The Way” is a Lambda print in edition of 250. Hand-signed by artist, Vittorio Storaro lower right. Certificate of Authencity by “Storaro Art”.
L’immagine con la fotografia di Marlon Brando è tratta dal film “Apocalypse Now” di Francis Ford Coppola. Autentica della “Storaro Art”.

The three-time Oscar for photography Vittorio Storaro. The films that led him winning are: Now, Reds and The Last Emperor. He has never stopped studying to refine the technique and photographic composition; colors are used to create psychological effects and influence emotions.
“Apocalypse Now” from 1979 is not only a cinematographic product of valuable importance but a real artistic product: photography is part of the film architecture that takes on a fundamental role in the poetics of the entire film.
The image of the artwork refers to the crucial sequence of the film; the central character, Colonel Kurtz / Marlon Brando, enters the scene through some photographic reproductions shown to the one who will become his executioner. Representation has a clear evocative function; refers to an individual whose features and voice we know but who escapes from a psychological point of view; it is in the revelation of this dark point that the portraits of Colonel Kurtz lead the viewer to understand his mysterious and anguished side.

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