Turf War, 2003

Additional information


Screenprint on paper




49,0 x 34,0


Turf War is a print with signature, numbering in pencil lower right. Pest Control Office Certificate.
Banksy’s Turf War reproduces a famous portrait of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill with a slight difference; instead of a bald head, Churchill is painted with a green mohican.
Turf War was one of the earliest major solo shows for Banksy which took place in a secret location in East London. The artwork depicts a likeness of Winston Churchill with his characteristic focused, ferocious gaze that earned him the moniker “The British Bulldog” during World War II.
Banksy has given the famous figure a green mohawk, transforming him from a formidable politician into a punk rock dissident. The title of the artwork is a pun, as Churchill’s hair resembles grass, or rather, astro turf.

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