Unchained Heart (red frog), 2021


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Sculpture – plaster, pigments and gold leaf




30,0 x 30,0 x 11,0


“Unchained Heart” is an unique artwork. It is painted entirely with the fresco technique (pigment,
and gold leaf). Each heart is a unique piece as the person who receives them. In ancient times the sacred hearts, ex-voto were objects given as a gift to a deity following a vow or by promise or grace received, its origins date back to the time of polytheistic religions, when believers wanted to thank the gods and invoke their benevolence. Each heart is embellished by a small animal that is like an amulet with a strong symbolic value such as the snake that has always hit and stimulated the human imagination since the mythology of various peoples or the frog as a synonym of fertility, regeneration, rebirth or a small lizard as a totem of protection, a lucky charm or even the dragonfly seen as a symbol of freedom, peace and search for truth.

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