Restelliartco Gallery has been dealing with modern and contemporary art since 2012, with particular attention also to Photography and with a strong focus on Pop Art, even more relevant today than ever for its sagacious style, the political commitment sweetened by use of attractive iconic images and for the analysis of the urban iconosphere. Pop movement is both a rapid commentary of the everyday life and through the use of contemporary markers such as comics, magazines, television, advertising, cinema and religious fetishes, manages to highlight the lose of the individual in front of a civilization which imposes always new desires and more and more amplified dreams.

The gallery

Via dell’Orso, 74 – 00186 Roma (from 1st March 2023)
Registered office: P. Vassalletto 6 st. – 00196 Rome.

Opening Times

Monday: 10:30am – 01:30pm / 03:30pm – 08:00pm
Tuesday – Saturday: 10:30am – 2:00pm / 2:30 – 8:00pm
Domenica: by appointment


+39 06.3243919
+39 340.3254423

Filippo Restelli

Filippo Restelli


Raffaella Rossi

Raffaella Rossi

Gallery Associated and Director

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