Cruel Britannia – Blu, 2011


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Mixed media on paper – Screenprint and stencil


65,0 x 50,0


“Cruel Britannia – Blu”, is an artwork signed Artsist Proof 1/2 in pencil with artist’s dry stamp lower left. The artwork portrays the image of Her Majesty The Queen of England. For his controversial and bizarre artworks K-Guy has received media attention from all over the world. Visual artist, in his artworks he uses pastes, stencils and installations, as well as a good dose of malice and wit. One of his most spectacular street installations was his memorial shrine to the boom economy when the markets crashed back in 2008 – a traffic stopper for nearly three days outside The Bank Of England in the heart of London’s City. His limited edition artworks are “sold out” in a very short time. The most famous and iconic portraits of the london-based and urban artist are “Coke Moss”,”Naomi Campbell’s, “Pepsi Cara and Linda Evangelista”, “Her Majesty The Queen of England”.


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