Mother Gun, 2021

Additional information


mixed – recycled material




40,0 x 49,5


“Mother Gun” is an unique artwork signed lower right. Title, date and signature on verso. Certificate of Authentication by the artist.
The creations of Fabio Ferrone Viola are born from the concept of recycling of abandoned objects found around the world during his many travels that find form through the reassembly and color, becoming the basic element for build flags or portraits of American icons. The artworks tell his experiences and passions but also the feelings of impatience with respect to the progress of environmental degradation. Cans, bottle caps, abandoned toys, are recovered and treated with color to come back to life in other forms The basic concept is art in favor of the environment moved by suffering for waste that becomes the engine for a real mania using always new techniques: collages and paintings with more or less subliminal messages. His artworks want to draw attention to the urgency of the ecological disaster.

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